After Toast

Photos from my friend Kate Gibbs Cookbook, After Toast. Photos by me.

A few years ago I was back in Sydney visiting my dear friends that I miss so much when I’m now back in Norway. While I was there my friend Kate was working on her lovely cookbook After Toast, and I was lucky to arrive just in time to shoot a few pics for here book. Get a copy of her book here.

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Right now autumn is coming to Oslo, and that means more time inside with hot drinks and comfort food. The photographer Veslemøy Vråskar and I did this series of recipes for ICA foodmagazine, and if you got one of the shops close by you can pick up a copy of your own.

I promise the feel of autumn and satisfied tummies.

All photos by Veslemøy, food and recipes by Kristin

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The Ethicurian

All photos by Kristin

The Ethicurian, voted Uk’s most ethical restaurant! Thank you for a fantastic lunch and a inspiring visit!

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Davids restaurant

Davids restaurant in Melbourne. Found via April and May

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My favourite mornings

I absolute love mornings in Manly! I love to see the sun rise while being at the beach watching all the people dive in to the water for a morning swim or run along the beach. I love picking up a cup of freshly roasted coffee, sipping it while drying off from a swim in the sun. I love to catch up with my friends there and start the day together with them in the sun. I miss you all badly now being back in Oslo. I do like my mornings here as well, but they just start so much later, and no one is up early to play. And when the sun is finally up, it’s time to get going with the daily chores, so not much time to slowly see the day start. Or maybe I should just get up earlier!

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! A great excuse to put pumpkin in pancakes, pies, gnocchi, salads, soups and in bread! Photos are from last year trip to California. Luckily Norway is growing nice and sweet pumpkins now. Actually every year the production is almost doubled, when a few years back it was quite hard to find pumpkins in the shops. Today they are everywhere!

Try these sweet pancakes from Elise. I promise a good start to your day!

Pumpkin pancakes

By Elise Log

serves 4

2 egg

1 box vikingmilk á 1 1/2 cup (consentrated milk)

400 g pumpkin puree (bake pumpkin for an hour before making the puree)

250 g flour

3 tbs brown sugar

1 tsp cardamom

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp vegetable oil

maple glazed pecan nuts

100 g pecan nuts

1/3 cup maple syrup

Fry the pecans until brown, pour maple syrup over pecans and let boil for a couple of minutes. Pour nuts and syrup over pancakes before serving

Recipe from Collected Winter recipes, Hardie Grant

All photos by Kristin

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Thanks everyone for making the dinner in Ålesund so special and memorable.

I had some amazing days in Ålesund during the Food Festival in August arranging the first Mellom Bakkar og Berg Pop-Up dinner. I was lucky to meet so many fantastic people behind the local produce. Thank you all for contributing.  All recipes from the evening can now be found here. You can also read more about the event here.

Nils at Dybvik to pick up the Gran Reserva Klippfisk for the dinner. Max is picking herbs on the beach.

Nils Henning Nesje, Mat med Hjerte helped us locate some of the 120 small local producers. Here we’re visiting Øyvind at Haslebakken Gard.

All the guests left the dinner with a small goodie bag to take home. Janne og Nan-Hi from Mandel og Melis made the most beautiful and delicate Krumkaker for everyone and Jacu shared some of their freshly roasted coffee beans. A small porcelain cup and fish oil from Omeganor was also part of the gift.

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Bed linen

Nice colors!  From Merci, Paris

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Oak pendant light

The simplicity and elegance of Ross Gardam´s Oak pendant light in solid FSC timber caught my eye instantly. Available in one size and three finishes of Natural, Black and Lime in Australian made ECO Timber.

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