Mellom Bakkar og Berg

The idea and dream behind this book was to learn more about my own country.                 There are many traditions and old recipes that have been in families for generations.

I wanted to learn more about our dried fish, cured meat, cheese, our Tjukkmjølk from Røros and about fermented fish like rakfisk and smoked fish. Norway is a country with narrow, small roads, deep valleys, fjords, steep mountains and many small towns scattered around. All with their own unique traditions, dialects and recipes. There are hundreds of ways to cook the perfect porridge; some would cook it for hours with sugar and cream until it’s caramelised, others with barley and flour. The one thing that you can bet on when tasting a porridge is that it is very different to what they are serving a few hours away in the next town. And the best recipes are well kept family secrets.

As families have passed on these recipes for generations, it’s important to keep up the tradition and learn from the older generation, and also to let the traditional produce be brought in to daily routines again. That means learning more about the seasons and using what’s grown locally.

I hope this book will inspire you


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